Conference Room     

From formal to private business talks, Delightel hotel which will take care of every detail, offering guests expect personalized service. Whether it is a small Board meetings or large group activities, we make sure to creating a memorable and unique experience. Three separate meeting rooms offer wireless and wired high-speed Internet access, audio visual equipment, LCD projector, teleconference, and other professional meeting facilities.

"Grand Ball Room"      

Functional diversity at the Grand Ball Room, 3rd floor, with an area of 500 square meters and can accommodate various meetings and banquets. The professional and creative planning team will ensure your meeting or banquet specialist.

Conference Service     

Delightel Hotel full-time conference service  center offers high quality service and perfect detailed design.It′s very helpful to scheme all type of Business Conference, business travel  hospitality services,special tourist activity, exhibitions and so on.

Supply the TV, a projector, audio supplies etc. audiovisual equipment used during a meeting
Provide telephone set, facsimile printer and Internet.
Compile conference reception programme.
Ensure to see conventioneer off.
Organize to undertake different banquets and wine party,arrange meals carefully and skillfully.
Full service for planning conference, news conference, proseminar and different training meetings.
Customized scheduled car to airport or railway station pick up for conventioneers.
Rent a car for the guest.
Offer the committee committee room.
Prepare spare room to be allocated to the registered list.
Help to make souvenirs.
Design and make the meeting presentation table′s background.
The etiquette service staff serve freely during a meeting.
Dcheme economic and reasonable business tour schedule for you.
Insure to check the order in advance in 24 hours.
The staff is available to help affairs.
contact with local media ,write news release, plan a press conference, copy the datum.
Hang the slogan and provide indication about a meeting.
Professional Staff arrange site for a meeting.
Stationery series.
Diverse standards fruits, dessert and drink etc.
Order plane ticket domestic and overseas replace of the guest, so the return ticket is.

Conference Room     


         Gorgeous large banquet hall and carefully selective decoration. Delightel Hotel Meticulously  create a fashionable and elegant wedding for you .A Memorable Moment to share. Delight your guests with our sumptuous range of  banquet menus prepared by our award-winning .Alternatively let us customise an individual menu according to your needs.



A premium discount project can highlight your wedding banquet.

• Offer Elegant dressing room for the
• Provide fresh flower to Bride and
   bride Groom
• Present a 50% discount visitor
   bride invitation car
• Free licensing of two professional
   bride wedding hi
• Free tea, condiments and
   bride service charge
• Can bring their own wine, free
   bride corkage
• Free Registration Desk and sign
   bride guest book
• Reception table flowers and gifts
• To provide free professional audio,
   bride broadcast festive music
• Present Wedding souvenirs to Bride
   brideand Groom

• Great gift of a bottle of champagne and
   bride champagne tower
• Romantic wedding venue decoration gift
• No gift card sets
• Two pounds of donated wedding cake
• Free Parking
• Free red carpet
• A honeymoon gift basket
• Free one night deluxe honeymoon
• Two complimentary honeymoon
• Presented the bride, groom,
   bride bridesmaids, groomsmen and
   flower bride lapel Presiding over
    Wedding Ceremony
Note: The specific related issues, please contact the hotel banquet Reservation

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