"Macau Street" Restaurant
Location:1st floor lobby of the right

Innovative cuisine, enjoy the hotel's first floor of the "Macau" restaurant, traditional Guangdong cuisine prepared by veteran chefs. Here you can feel the strong South-East Asia, exotic, but also to enjoy the full authentic Asian fine cuisine with in Shanghai

"The West suburbs Garden" restaurant Location:2nd Floor

“The western suburbs garden” restaurant offers authentic Cantonese, Local cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. 28 rooms decorated in different styles, private balconies provide you a considerate and thoughtful service environment. Whether it's business banquets, or friends party is your best choice.

Lobby Lounge Location:1st floor lobby of the Central

Elegant and soft design style, comfort and warm atmosphere make your busy business tasks is a thread of ease and pleasure. Enjoy a cup of traditional cocktails with exquisite Western-style snacks, accompany you to spend a lazy comfortable afternoon.



Card Room Location: 5F
The hotel has 10 card room, indoor environment is comfortable, elegant, luxury complete.The hotel offers Chinese dim sum, fresh fruit and other food, friendly staff will provide you perfect service.



Gym Location: 5F
Fitness center featuring top designers from the domestic film production, rational layout, elegant style.The introduction of all the world's top fitness equipment, equipped with oxygen, mechanical areas, strength training equipment areas, spinning training room, martial arts room, table tennis room and other areas, so that customers receive professional fitness experience and pleasant leisure.



SPA (under construction)




KTV center(under construction)
KTV center gorgeous and elegant, romantic, luxury and not China, light soft interior design style, from which, through the environment for you to enjoy the natural, cozy and comfortable mood, feeling relaxed and happy experience the heart and soul.

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